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Market-Leading Employee Assistance & Integrated Wellness

Attract, retain and support top talent with an employee assistance, workplace mental health and wellness program designed to meet the needs of all your employees.

Leading Features

In-Person, Phone, Video Counselling

Maximum choice for maximum engagement. Employees choose how and when they want to access care, online or by phone anytime, anywhere in Canada. 

Guided Care Recommendations

A stepped-care approach guiding employees to the most appropriate care, available online or by phone. Recommendations evolve in real-time as the needs of the employee change. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Support

A care team that is racially, culturally and socially aware, with DEI counsellor-assisted matching support, digital supportive content and culture & identity support. 

Integrated Wellness

Integrated wellness, coaching and online resources for physical, mental, social and financial well-being. Nutrition, fitness, solo and team challenges included. 

Legal & Financial Advisory

Access a professional coach to improve your financial health, plan for retirement, or manage debt. Or, manage legal affairs with confidence. 

Critical Incident Support

We are here to support your team. Onsite or virtual crisis response with debriefings and post incidence support to help you manage any crisis.

A High-Impact Program Conveniently Bundled into Three Distinct Packages

We aren’t just learning EAP.

We’ve been evolving it for decades and leading the way with multiple industry firsts. By conveniently bundling employee assistance and wellness with Homewood’s nationally recognized mental health expertise, we have created the ultimate high-impact solution. 

Choose from one of our three unique service packages to meet all of your employee assistance, workplace mental health and wellness needs. 


Benefits of Pathfinder's Integrated Solution

For Your Employees

Give your employees more choice, more convenience and more support. 

  • Integrated employee assistance, mental health and wellness to meet the needs of 100% of your employees
  • Maximum choice access to improve employee engagement with in-person, video and phone counselling
  • Guided care recommendations directing employees to the right care based on their immediate needs
  • A digital experience or the warmth of a live voice; employees choose how they want to access care
  • Mental, physical, social and financial support accessible online or by phone
  • Exceptional user experience with our Digital Mental Health Platform
  • Support from Canada’s trusted leader in workplace mental health

For Your Business

An investment that helps you take care of your employees and your business. 

  • More comprehensive than a traditional EAP with high-impact mental health support, advanced technology and integrated wellness.
  • Three distinct packages to choose from that align with every organization’s needs, from large national organizations to small regional businesses
  • Matching the most appropriate employee care to your organization’s unique service agreement; we optimize your investment and deliver results
  • Data Security with SOC 2 compliance protects the confidentiality and privacy of your employees and your business 
  • Managed and accountable care, tracked with on-demand reporting

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