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Pathfinder Comprehensive

The Only Workplace Mental Health Program You Need

Give your employees access to guided care, enhanced mental health support, leadership training, a three-tiered iCBT platform, on-demand mental health counselling, a smart digital platform and total wellness.

What You Get

High-impact, flexible and convenient​

Pathfinder Comprehensive helps you make data-driven decisions to maximize your workplace mental health investment. Our outcomes show:

75%decrease in severe symptoms of depression
84%improvement in symptoms of anxiety
96%of clients felt heard and understood by their therapist
3:1ROI (based on a reduction of missed work hours)

Your Complete Coverage

Pathfinder Comprehensive focuses on preventing disability and long-term absence while protecting your company’s bottom line.

Enhanced Mental Health Care

Intensive workplace treatment programs with live therapeutic support for anxiety, depression, trauma and substance use. With proven clinical outcomes and superior ROI, Enhanced Mental Health Care provides high-impact support for employee mental health.

Homewood Learning, Our Proprietary LMS

Our new learning management system was purpose-built to help you manage and track specialized training for your team. Preloaded with our four-module certificate course, Leadership Strategies for Mental Health, Homewood Learning is designed to help you administer new Homewood training content that will support your leaders and team members now, and in the future.

Sentio Integrated Therapy, iCBT

Easily access therapist-led online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programs from anywhere, anytime to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle. Our Self-Directed and Counsellor-Assisted iCBT programs are also included.


Instant on-demand mental health counselling. No more waiting to book an appointment. No more waiting for a counsellor to call you back. MeetNow is right now.

Guided Care Experts

Guided care experts are available 24/7 to guide employees to the right care at the right time. Give your employees personalized care to support them on their mental health journey.

A Smart Digital Mental Health Platform

Homewood’s smart platform uses proprietary algorithms to create recommendations that respond to your employees' changing needs.